Tangent line from point to curve?

Dear all,

Is there a function that draws a tangent line from a given point outside the curve to a point on the curve approximately around the point Pt where the tangent is expected?

I would like to use a function similar to LineBetweenCurves, but where one point P0 does not need to be on a curve nor that it has any other restrictions whatsoever. Just that the line passes through P0 and is tangent to the curve in a point near Pt.

In fact, this would be the Rhinoscript version of the following:


Under Tangent (Draws the line tangent from a curve), as in option Point: Allows you to pick a point that is near, but not on a curve, overriding the built-in object snap.

Many thanks in advance.

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Filip Rooms

@mikko , do we have an SDK function (better yet, a RhinoScript one) that helps with this request?

For now, we solved it by creating a tiny circle around P0 and then use LineBetweenCurves…

I added the request to our bug tracker. Thanks for bringing it up.