Tangent line to interpolated curve (no circle)

As easy as it is in Rhino to create this with tangent snap, I can’t find any grasshopper component capable of doing this, i.e. drawing a tangent line to a curve from a given point.

tangent.gh (3.6 KB)

Thank you, I know this component, which works fine with circles indeed! But tangent with bezier curve for example?

Oh, ok, now I see no circle… stupid me :slight_smile:

this could be a starting point


Point_Curve_Tangent.gh (6.7 KB)

This is more than a starting point, it works for my use, thanks!
I had just started looking in rhinocommon, but as I’m not an expert, I may take a while.

You could do this with Galapagos

tangent_interpolated_curve.gh (9.7 KB)


That script works great. Much better than my solution with Galapagos.

Actually I’m surprised there isn’t a Grasshopper component for this.