Tagging grid lines or include annotations for IFC export

Is there a way of tagging gridlines in Rhino/LandsDesign so that it exports as grids to IFC?
At the moment,
I have this:

if you use the IFC entity type IfcGrid it automatically numbers the grid lines in an unrelated way.

It you use the IFC entity type IfcProxy it removes the annotations.

Hi @nsgma, are these labeled lines blocks, groups, or individual objects?

The axis’ text and circle are in a block, text is an attribute.
The whole grid is normally a block as well - i.e. the grid is a block, and inside that block each axis labels is a block with the text and the circle.

All right, thanks. We will revise how blocks are exported to IFC when they are tagged as IfcGrid and see if we can preserve the text and curves inside it.