IFC Import and missing IFCElement_Tags / BATIDs

Hi, after importing IFC into Rhino there are some elements (maybe even entities) where the IfcElement_Tags are not imported … see the image below. Does anybody know why? I need it for my workflow to match it later on again with the datasets.

If anybody else would know a way how to bring in IFCs into rhino in a fast an rather automized why where the BATIDs could be stored in any way (Property, Name, … whatever) this would be great. Happy for any hint!


Hi Julian,
Look for them here:

IfcProperties are read by VisualARQ as object properties, available from that “Parameters” icon in the Properties panel.

Hi Francesc,

thx for the fast reply. I don’t know how I could have missed this section out - probably because there was nothing in there for a block in a different IFC.

Ok, but in this one I got pretty much all I need.

However, could you tell me briefly how I can access them now through Grasshopper? It seems like I have to use the way with IfcElementTag and via this Information section as with the AV Pipeline I do not get all of my elements … and I a having troubles getting the property values. Sry but could you give me another hint what would be the best way to access an ID for all universal types of elements to keep compelxity for the matching process later on low?

Ah I think I already figured it out on my own as it seams like that the “Eindeutige ID” is also the BATID and therefore can be within the same column!

Nice, but still could you explain briefly why it is behaving like it is?

Edit: And what about Space?

Hi Julian,
You can filter VA objects by type with the Is Kind of component:

Also, you can get the object ID directly with the GUID component.
I recommend using the Get Property component to obtain the values of all properties that are stored in each object. This works for spaces too.

(the components shows up red because it finds no data on certain properties)