Multiple files in a single window?

I just set up Rhino 7 for Mac on a new computer and I’m trying to figure out how to have multiple files open in a single window instead of opening a new window for each file. I had it set up this way on my previous computer but cannot find the setting.

I presume you mean using macOS’s tabbed windows feature.

To do this, you need to open macOS’s System Preferences > General:

and set Prefer tabs to always (or fullscreen)

Then, in Rhino 7 for Mac, navigate to Rhino 7 > Preferences > General > Tabbed Windows:

and set it to Merge all windows into one window

NOTE: This Tabbed Windows section is buggy and rather meaningless in Rhino 7, I’m afraid. It’s a hold-over from previous versions of Rhino where separate windows were used for the Material and Layouts editors. You can safely ignore the first two options as they don’t do anything in Rhino 7 for Mac. This has been fixed in Rhino 8 for Mac.

This did the trick. Thanks!