Tabs and slots

HI, I recently signed a long term contract with a large scale outdoor sculptor who works in SS, Aluminum and Corten Steel. All of her project are cut out of sheet material and then welded together. This requires adding slots and tabs to the designs so they can be assembled correctly.

I am looking for a plug in for Rhino that will help build the tabs and slots. I have attached a Rhino File for reference, and please see Using Tab and Slot in SOLIDWORKS 2018 (Tutorial) - YouTube as an example of how Solidworks handle the taskClover ASculpture Build2Complete.3dm (10.5 MB)

Understand what you are doing. I have been doing this manually and it takes a lot of time. Where is this script available?? Also, I have read instructions for installing scripts and have not had much luck.

Well, it has been a couple of years and I have learned a lot about creating tabs and slots in Rhino. I re viewed your video, and I understand what you are doing now.


There should be .0625" clearance between the tabs and the slots to allow for correct line up and welding the final product into one piece.

Many times the sculptures that I work on require curved tabs and slots, many curves and slots that are not on the x, y, or z planes, and tabs and slots for parts that do not align at 90 degrees.

Please see the attached links for a better understanding of the problems I have solved with putting tabs and slots on the sculptures.

There are more and I can add if there is any interest.

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Great work, this type of slot and tab construction is timeless.

You might like these Joinery animations.

Thank. Have some more examples of complex joinery that I will upload later today. Working on another sculpture now with about 50 parts that have to be assembled. Here is a photo of the one I am working on now.

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