Creating half-notch slots in intersecting surfaces

Hi All, I’m still new to Rhino, but have had a lot of success in designing stand up paddle boards, which I build from wood. I have been able to make the internal frame shapes, which I soon hope to have cut by a local CNC operation. I have read through the forum search for an answer, but have not been able to find a solution that works on Rhino for Mac.

I would like to accurately make lattice-type slots in the stringers (longitudinal) and the intersecting frames (perpendiculars) without having to do so manually for each intersection. I have seen demonstrations of this in Rhino for Windows with even rectangular planes, but not found anything that works for the irregular shapes in my projects.

The two plugins I found that seem related to this task do not seem to work on Rhino for Mac. Help?

It seems there are some good ideas here: Best way to cut half slots for a lattice of 15mm mdf?, but I have not been able to translate them specifically to my projects, and the plugins mentioned do not seem to work.

Here is another one that may help.

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Thanks Jason! I was able to get that script to work. You made my day!