Looking for help upgrading a custom plugin/script for rhino 5


a few years ago someone wrote a plugin for me for rhino 4. I have now upgraded to rhino 5 but can not use the plugin.

Does anyone know how to enable this to work in rhino 5.

If anyone thinks that they may be able to do this it would be much appreciated. I can send you the file to look at.

It is a very simple plugin which inserts semicircles into the internal corners of curves for CNC machining.

it is called Tabtool. It enables us to machine out the radius in an internal corner



Is this a RhinoScript? If so, it’s probably an easy fix. Can you post it here?

Hi Tom,

Plug-ins written for Rhino 4 will work in 32-bit Rhino 5, but not in 64-bit Rhino 5. Does this help?

– Dale