Tabs and Slots for Metal Construction

Rhino WIP suggestion for Rhino 7 release.

A tool that would create tabs and then create the matching slots. A tool that would measure the distance, straight, curved, arc, and the thickness of the metal and then create the best solution for tabs. Then create the tabs and next create the slots in the adjoining piece of metal

so bassically you want a sheet module. have you tried with grasshopper?

Hi, am not familiar with Grasshopper.

This may explain what I am looking for better

I need to create tabs and slots for welding. Some welds will be on one plane, some welds will be on perpendicular planes, and some will be on one plane, but in an arc. I do not see how to attach files on this discussion, but will be glad to send Rhino 6 file for illustration

I doubt such a tool will be added to the basic Rhino from McNeel. However it would be a candidate for someone to develop a plug-in with that type of capability.

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That would be great. I have posted the same request on Food 4 Rhino, but have not had any response. Hopefully, someone will take up the challenge.

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Here: snap00%2012-8-2019


ARCBASED TAB.3dm (278.3 KB) Tabs and Slots one.3dm (189.9 KB)

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