Tables for V6?

There are plenty of requests for table/spreadsheet incorporation in the wishlist for V6- is this something that is being considered? Or should I keep trying to make do with other tools?

It would sure be good to have something built in to Rhino. I’m working on a job where tabular tables are required in the Rhino drawing and have resorted to embedding bit-maps of Excel sheets into the files because I don’t want to burden the client with having to bundle the Grasshopper tool I use to import Excel along with their files (and learn it and maintain it).

I have plenty of ideas on this if anyone is interested! I’m sure it’s no small job to do it right.


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There’s no such plan for Rhino6, but Grasshopper will be part of Rhino6 so if asking your clients to install GH was what was holding you back, at least that will be easier.

Thanks David. The obvious next thing to ask for is a built-in widget in Grasshopper for linking and reading an Excel sheet!