Table of content

Hi to all!!!
There is any command/tool to create a table of content?
I really want to use it with areas. Let me attach an image of what I want to automatise.
I want to see the area of each space on this house, and as I have different levels I want to update every time I make any modification.

I don’t use visualarq… Maybe in GH?

Thanks in advance.

area is possible by using fields. go to text then click on the fx button and set the object it shall be linked to. also DimArea is history enabled which it will automatically, meaning once you set the arrow it will update the area when you change it also when using fields of course. for a list in this matter i think fields is the better way to go.

to make this even more automated you might have to consider scripting something or grasshopper.

Thank you so much encephalon!!! Using fields it worked very well. Thanks!