Creating a parameterized table


I’ve done a couple of experiments with Grasshopper about a year ago and doing a little refresher where I want to create a table like this:

Based on my previous experiments I created this: (13.8 KB)

The attached experiment is far from what I’m trying to create and I’m curious about how to create the sides in such a way as in the first screenshot?


This is hasty and not accurate but might give you some ideas? (18.0 KB)

Oops, I forgot the bottom shelf. There is no single correct way of doing this, it’s all about the details.

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Thanks so much @Joseph_Oster, this is amazing and a good start to look into some nodes I haven’t used before!

Here is a more careful version, with the shelf: (27.5 KB)


Amazing! Everyone on this forum is so extremelly kind, great community.

I wasn’t happy with the imprecision of scaling the bottom shelf so this is a complete re-write using Domain Box for all pieces of lumber. Eval (Evaluate) is used three times to do simple math, reducing the component count and complexity. Way better! (30.9 KB)

Variation of the same code, moving the horizontal cross pieces inside the posts, to the ends of the shelf. (38.3 KB)

Maybe it should be the other way? Leave the end cross pieces flush with the table top and move the long horizontal cross pieces inside the posts?