Tabl_ 0.2 Released (and now open source)

After two years of silence, Tabl_ has received an update. It adds more parameters to view, custom units, and a new “Place” feature.

Additionally, the project is now available on github for those that would like to contribute and/or take a peak at some sloppy code.

Version 0.2 Changes

  • Place Tabl: Places the Tabl into the Rhino document.
  • All parameters sortable
  • Export and Import GUIDs
  • Custom Units: Custom unit name and scale
  • New parameters:
    • CenterX: X coordinate of an objects’ bounding box center point.
    • CenterY: Y coordinate of an objects’ bounding box center point.
    • NumFaces: Counts the number of faces on a polysurface or mesh.
    • Comments: Saves to each objects “User Text” as “tabl.comment”




From food4rhino, for those who, like me, didn’t know tabl:

Tabl_ is a spreadsheet interface within Rhino for the viewing, editing, and exporting of object properties. Objects are linked to the spreadsheet in real-time, allowing Tabl_ to automatically update as objects are modified.


  • ‘Live’ Spreadsheet interface running while modeling in Rhino.
  • Analyze and display multiple object properties simultaneously.
  • Live update as objects are modified.
  • Display up to 23 different object properties.
  • Simple export to TXT, CSV, and HTML Tables.
  • Sort, count, and total object properties.
  • Color and number formatting options.
  • Place the Tabl_ into the Rhino document as text objects. (NEW IN 0.2)


Oh Hi. Thank you for this tool. Are you still developing? I would LOVE the ability to:

  1. click on one of the line items in the tabl_ and actually SEE that specific line item/row HIGHLIGHT in the model.
  2. be able to have the tabl_ “COUNT” the “duplicates” in MY DESIRED selection and instead of populating multiple times in/on the same tabl_, have ANOTHER column/checkbox that is maybe “blockcount” and it will display 5 within one row item INSTEAD of 5 lines of the same item (for example). Hope this makes sense. This would be pure magic
  3. I see it doesn’t work for blocks within blocks… are you working on some sort of heirarchy for this?
  4. How can I access the “comments” check box and see what I can do with that stuff ?
  5. How can I pull from the length & area — ? is it just that it won’t work on blocks?
  6. can we pull from document user text? that would be really helpful