T-Splines, is it still alive?


I used to be able to use T-Splines after it was ‘done away with’ I thought I had a never ending V4 licence but it doesn’t work anymore - it’s been a long time since I used it. Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to resurrect it? I contacted Autodesk but no response, maybe COVID is affecting their response times?




This is not the reason. More info here:

Instead of T-Splines you can use Rhino Sub-D wip. If you have a valid Rhino 6 license.


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That’s the filename of my latest T-Splines installation purchased in 2015. I have re-installed it a few times after changing to a new workstation and fresh installation of windows 10. It still works.

While I would do most things in Rhino 7 / WIP, I still used T-Splines every now and then. Mainly on skateboard molds, due to T-Splines symmetry mode…

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Is it different from SubD’s reflect? (Maybe multi axis)

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Thanks, I meant COVID might be the reason they are taking time to respond, not for the end of T-Splines.

I have the same version Martin, it no longer likes my license. When I try to verify on line it fails.

Thanks BVR, I’m on V5

yes T-Splines symmetry allows multi axis, is real time and not restricted by master / slave editing. Don’t know a better way of describing it.

Reflect is nice and there are work arounds with Grasshopper so not a big deal.

It should work though.
As far as I remember, Autodesk did say they want to keep license servers running (no planned deadline).
You should contact their support.

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Are there usable cracked versions of t-splines out there anywhere?


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This is the most recent information I have about how to keep a perpetual license of T-Splines for Rhino working:

Last I heard, new installations of v3.4 and earlier were not possible if the network card had changed or if the .lic file hadn’t been saved. The v3.4 and earlier license activation server is no longer running.

v3.5 is using the same license system as the rest of Autodesk so there might be more flexibility from support there, but I do not know.


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I wonder how legal it is to close down a license server to render a purchased copy of a software useless. Well, Autode$k won’t care much.

It was probably in the “small print” in the User Agreement.

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Thanks for the replies and advice.

My solution has been to upgrade to V6 and try out WiP 7. I think an upgrade to 7 will happen on its release.

We look forward to your feedback on the Rhino 7 WIP. So far there are some fun models coming out of it.

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Well my installation of T-Splines 4 still works.

glad to hear it.

I’m normally opposed to using cracked software. I paid over 10000 dollars for RhinoCam, and I’d do it again.

What autodesk did with tsplines was predatory and monopolistic. It was intended to hurt McNeel. So I feel a little different about any rhino user choosing to use a tsplines crack. The only people they’d be hurting are people who hurt them first.


Fair enough!