Tspline alternatives for Rhino V6 other then Clayoo?

Im in the process of of moving to V6,
Today using Tspline in V5,
Now testing Clayoo in V6 (no support for Tspline at V6), its ok, not as good as Tspline…
Before considering buying Clayoo, any other good SubD alternatives ??

Hi Gil_K,

I suggest you have a look at Xirus, which offers SubD, watertight junctions, full NURBS compatibility and direct smoothness control. Currently the free WIP is available for download and we have several former T-splines users who are testing it. It is currently available for Rhino 5 and will soon also be available for Rhino 6.

Have a look at this thread: Xirus WIP: free update released


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Tnx @Daniel_Schmitter,
When will it be available for V6 ?