How do I add my Rhino3D V5 for PC files to iRhino iOS

Now that I’m really good at the Rhino, I’d like to start showing off my tinkerings via iRhino on my iOS devices. How do I add files besides Dropbox and Google Docs?

I’m sorry to say that, at the moment, these are the only two options.

If files are small, you can email yourself and then copy to iRhino3D.

Since the version I’m using is an iOS app, it makes sense to be able to add files while syncing in iTunes (like I am able to do with my Creo Viewer for iOS). I really wish McNeel would consider this much simpler option also.

Adding files via iTunes File Sharing* ought to work…

Is that not working on Windows?

*until macOS Catalina, I guess.

I have a Rhino5-for-windows license. Apple intends to keep iTunes-for-windows going for the foreseeable future, so I’m good. Thanks for confirming that there’s a much easier way to load 3dm files onto iOS devices without going online.