Switching from Cloud Zoo

How do I change Rhino, Bongo, Flamingo, and Penguin licenses from Cloud Zoo license to Single-Computer license?

Remove the licenses from the cloud zoo, then add them stand-alone.
They will be locked to that one specific computer.

…How do I add them stand-alone?

Start the license adding process and follow the prompts.

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How do I do that?

Andrew, you have done this before.
If you follow the instructions to remove your license from the link I sent, then start Rhino V6, it will ask you for a license. You will have the same three choices you had the first time you started V6:

  • Cloud Zoo
  • Stand-alone
  • Lan Zoo

If you cannot post this info online, please send me private message or email. I am not a pirate. I need very good security for very good reasons.

There is nothing to post.
The user interface is built into Rhino V6, and will prompt you along.
All you really need to know are the three ways you can deploy your V6 license.
We’ve covered that and you have decided what you want to do.

Give it a go.

I have no clue how to do it!!

I used the email address you are using here on the forum and I can’t find that you own a Rhino V6 license.
If you do, can you send me a message with the license key so I can look up your current setup?

I have sent you my Rhino 6 license key via email.

Sorry, nothing came through to:

It went to Scott Davidson support@mcneel.com, but I sent it again to jb@mcneel.com

To change from using the cloud zoo to stand-alone licensing, do the following:

  1. Go to www.rhino3d.com and click on the “sign in” or “my account” link
  2. Provide your login credentials
  3. Click on the Licenses link
  4. Click on the “Andrew Nowicki (me)” personal licenses
  5. Select your V6 license and remove it

Now your license can be added elsewhere

  1. Start V6
  2. If it fires up (it may because you have an old but still valid lease), type the Logout command and Rhino will close
  3. Start Rhino and when asked to Login, answer No
  4. Click on Enter your license key
  5. Follow the rest of the prompts to add your license to your computer

When I was updating Rhino with a service release, I choose the option of changing the license from the cloud zoo to the stand-alone. A few days later I realized that nothing was changed. How do I know whether my license is cloud zoo to stand-alone? Is there a clue in the Options>Licenses?

What is the purpose of ValidateLicense command? Rhino documentation says that: The ValidateLicense command runs the license validation process in Rhino. This is really a joke! It is like saying that Circle command runs the Circle process in Rhino.

Options > Licenses will give you the details on how you’re currently licensed.

License validation links an email address and contact information to a Rhino license key. It also builds a historical chain of previous Rhino versions. It’s a secondary identifier to make it harder for someone to compromise your license.

How can I interpret these details? In other words how do I know whether my license is cloud zoo or stand-alone?

Do you recommend running the ValidateLicense command every day?

I’d say that if it says “Rhino Accounts License”, your license is a cloud zoo one.
That, and the fact that there is a limited offline access.

I’ve created a YT item to get John’s information into the documentation - DOC-107

A cloud zoo license will show an offline access date and time that will be a couple weeks in the future.

A LAN Zoo or stand alone license should be obvious. What license deployment type are you using?

License Validation happens once on a computer when Zoo or Stand alone are used. It should never be required again unless you change computers, replace the drive, of reimage Windows.

With cloud zoo, you will login when you start Rhino on a different computer.

What behavior are you seeing?

What problem are you trying to solve?

Wim already mentioned it in the above post, but thanks anyway. It would be good idea to include this info in the Options>Licenses:
cloud zoo license
LAN Zoo license
stand-alone license

I do not know.

This info should be included in the ValidateLicense documentation.

My Rhino computer should not be connected to the Interned due to security restrictions imposed on my work. To the best of my knowledge, Robert McNeel & Associates already provides this kind of license to defense contractors, but it does not mention it on its website. I believe that such license should be officially available for extra charge.