Swiftpoint Z Discontinued

Sad day. They are discontinuing my favorite mouse for CAD work. I’m on my 2nd one after a buttered coffee incident. I went ahead and picked up two more since they’re on sale:

I’ve used a number of overly buttoned mice, but the software makes this thing special. Obviously, you can program a button to do one thing, like having the second M1 be ctrl+shift+click for sub-object selection:

The genius part is comboing a button with another button or a mouse movement. Like one of my buttons does ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+x, ctrl+z, ctrl+y, and escape:

Another one does all of the gumball things: align obj, align cplane, align view, relocate, tab lock, project toggle, and snappy toggle:

etc, etc, etc…I rarely have to leave my SpaceMouse and Swiftpoint Z to type on the keyboard, nor drag the mouse over to a toolbar. With _PopupToolbar, some custom menus, and an infinite number of gestures, it makes for a very intuitive, ergonomic experience.
image image image

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