Assigning Most used commands to extra buttons on mouse

I got the Logitec G602 mouse and it comes with a lot of buttons that I was hoping I could program to most used commands such as Move, copy, paste, undo, redo, etc.
I know Logitec has a software that allows for some programming. I am currently using that to get copy and paste and undo and redo, and I’m wondering if there is an option through rhino to do this?

Thank you

Hello - I do not say it is impossible but I do not see how to map Rhino commands to Logitec mouse buttons…


I make a Keyboard shortcut in Rhino for a key combo I don’t use, then I assign the mouse button to that key combo.

Ctrl-Alt-F1 = Gumball T
then mouse button 5 = Ctrl-Alt-F1

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Could you please show me a screen shot of your setting for the above post?
I want use my mouse 4 & 5 for some command toggles, but am just not clear on the exact syntax.

I generally record macros in my mice, such as these:

I miss my Logitech G700. I have a Corsair somethingoranother, and while it does have programmable buttons–it’s the worse mouse I can remember owning.

With the Logitech software for the M705, there’s not a way to record/run macros, so this is the way I do it:

There are mice and then there is the Swiftpoint Z. I have no idea how many combos I have programmed into this thing, but this one button does escape, copy, cut, paste, undo and redo.

I also have 6 _PopupToolbar (view, selections, pt editing, creating, blending, and morphing), alt-tab, crtl+shift LMB, ctrl LMB…

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