Sweeping multiple sections/profiles across multiple rails

I have a set of 17 sections and want to sweep this one set across multiple rails. Since I am not able to sweep a set of sections across a single rail as the rails and sections do not intersect, I’ve created an individual rail for each section within the set, and done this for each of the multiple rails I have.

I now have a list of sections which maps to a list of rails and the data structure of each list is the same however, the sweep1 component still cannot create the sweep. The same definition works so long as I only include a single section profile.

I’ve also tried to sweep each profile over each rail direclty in Rhino and that works. Any direction greatly appreciated.

20201005_SweepMultipleProfiles_GE.gh (28.6 KB)

Graft both inputs to Sweep1.

SweepMultipleProfiles_2020Oct5a.gh (31.9 KB)

It’s unfortunate that your sections are so far away from where you want them.

Many thanks!

You almost had it, which is quite an accomplishment in this case. Tricky.