Sweeping issue

I have a section that I am trying to sweep along a path that has multiple bent curves.

I am able to sweep the section perfectly around a rectangular path but fail to do so with the path having curves.

How to fix this issue?
Profile sweep issue.gh (23.3 KB)

Your curve has one short segment which I think is a problem. But even then, I don’t think this is going to work with just Sweep1. The profiles won’t really match at the corners and you need a more sophisticated approach. Maybe shorten the curve segments by 10 mm, sweep each curve separately and then blend the gaps.

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Thanks. Some progress! I split the path into multiple portions. Sweep is happening. Now the challenge is bridging the gaps. In order to extract the profiles located on two ends of a sweep, the profile lines are messed up and are arranged haphazardly. How to extract them neatly?

Another challenge is to figure out how to extract these gap paths so that they can become the profile for perpendicular frames that will be lofted. I don’t know what’s the right approach though. There are two end profiles here, should they be tweened via Pufferfish or is there a better approach?

I am also facing another issue where this rogue sweeping is happening. How to tackle this? Even though the curve direction looks fine, the sweeping is going haywire.

There’s a custom python component which I used to analyze the curve direction.
Analyse Direction.ghpy (33.5 KB)

Here’s the updated grasshopper file.
Profile sweep issue_re.1.gh (24.7 KB)