Inaccurate results when trying to sweep profile along rail

I am trying to sweep a basic profile around multiple rails (curves) at a time.

Because Grasshopper doesnt nativly handle closed curves very well, they are shattered. Also because the starting point of each curve is very different the starting angle of the profile is different on every layer.

I found a way to get correct sweeps on most layers, but it seems that it randomly skips a floor (or more) depending on where in the file i place the original profile line. What can I do to fix this? (I only started Grasshopper this week, so the file might be full of overkill)

Or you could edit your original post and drag them into it as “attachments”.

Swipe profile (14.8 KB)
180412 Profile along curves OLD.3dm (73.8 KB)

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So as an attachment to this message I will add the files.

Check attachment… Best…

Sweep profile (19.8 KB)

Wow you’re amazing, thanks so much!

One last minor question, somehow when I move the profile around, sometime at random positions a few curves will nog sweep correctly. Is this a Grasshopper bug or is this embedded in the grasshopper file?

sweep.3dm (44.1 KB)

Your code is fantastic.
Can you add an anchor point for the section curve?