Sweeping along an Arc

Hello, I am trying to do a do a sweep with 2 profiles along an arc.

When I do this manually, it works well, but when I try and do it in GH it warps itself.

I have taken a screenshot below.


I have taken the two profiles from the straight elements that follow.

Without a file, how do we know the problem and help?

arc_sweep_file.3dm (171.4 KB)

Hello, find attached, I have baked out the rail and profile- this is going to be a fabricated rail so it needs to always be a consistent width etc- that is why the profile at the end are at 90 degrees to the vector of the arc at end and start points.


is there a particular reason you need to use sweep2?

sweepy_sweepy.gh (13.9 KB)
[geometry is internalized in the GH file, also the sections not being used]

In such a situation, I usually do the following:

  1. Generate custom profile to sweep at origin on the XY plane (in Rh/Gh)
  2. Generate custom rail curve to sweep profile on (in Rh/Gh)
  3. Use Perp Frames to get the perpendicular frames along rail curve (in Gh)
  4. Align the frames as desired to get the section you desire (in Gh)
  5. Use Orient to copy the profile onto the rail curve
  6. Use Loft to loft the profile curves into a smooth section (in Gh)

iam not sure what you try to achive but you probably get the same result with sweep 1 when you use the arc as rail and add another, smaller section in the middle of the arc.

or you could creat another section in the middle and loft the sections.

Sweep 1 works fine, the problem in your Grasshopper script.

sweep_.gh (15.7 KB)