Sweeping a cross-section along multiple edge curves

Hey! I wonder is it possible to sweep a cross-section which is changing with respect to multiple edge curves like in the picture? For now, I can’t figure out any other way than taking multiple cross-sections along the edge curves and lofting them. How to make cross-sections “follow” the edges curves?
Thanks beforehand!

SweepingCS.gh (3.8 KB)

Ok thanks! Still wondering is there a component which automatically sweeps varying cross-sections along edge curves.

Your two section curves don’t match so some “morphing” between the two is required, and you can use only two 'rails" maximum. Plus you have to deal with seam matching and curve direction. I chose two curves as rails, 3 and 7:

SweepingCS_2019Aug28a.gh (24.1 KB)

This could be one way.

SweepingCS_re.gh (9.4 KB)

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Thank you for your reply! This is the method that came to my mind also. Seems to be the most accurate one as well.

Hey, thank you for the answer! This is not quite what I was aiming to. The lofted surface should follow the edge curves and be as accurate as possible. Is it even possible to use a sweeping tool to a varying cross-section which follows that many rails? I wonder would it be possible with some scripting.

My take on it. I had to reorder the edge curves and used ruled surface.SweepingCS_V2.gh (7.2 KB)

Ok! Happy to see a lot of suggestion for my problem and I think dividing the edge curves into multiple cross-sections is the way to go here. I hoped that there would be a way to solve this by sweeping the cross section along curves but no idea how to do it properly.

After seeing the solution for sorting the edge curves by @HS_Kim I copied that part and adjusted my definition. (I’m still learning Grasshopper and this kind of sorting will be handy in the future)
SweepingCS_V3.gh (7.1 KB)