Sweep 2 Not Cooperating


I can’t seem to close this sweep. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

attached are the files. closed sweep 2.3dm (835.2 KB)

Hi Erik- I am not exactly sure what you are after but it might be this:

The middle curves are edited so that they actually meet the curve on the right in the image and the surface is made from NetworkSrf. Does that do what you need?

Network_PG.3dm (489.8 KB)


Yes that’s perfect. Thanks Pascal.

I didn’t realize you could use network surface for more than 4 curves. So as long as they the curves meet each other this is possible?

Thanks again.

Hi Erik -see Help for NetworkSrf - the curves do not need to meet, a surface will be made, but the surface will be cleaner and more accurate if the curves meet cleanly.


Thanks, @ pascal I checked the help topic and achieved nice results with the whole area. Now I have tried to do most of the shape, but am not sure where I am going wrong?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance. big enchilada.3dm (761.9 KB)

Anyone have any techniques I can follow/ learn to make this into one surface?
the networksrf command is not working.

Thank you continuous.3dm (743.5 KB)

Try lofting or sweeping between the surface edge of both ends, if you look closely they are not meeting.

You should be able to join the surfaces, be careful though, you’re deviating from your original curves.

continuous_01.3dm (726.9 KB)

Thanks for the reply. I tried lofting between the deviated segments and then try merge srf to no avail. It’s a simple enough shape that I think a network srf or sweep should work, but I haven’t figured it out yet. thanks

It’s merged in the attached file below the image I posted?

It would work as a sweep and network curves, you’re right. Sometimes it’s handy to sketch with simple commands and flesh out what it is you need and then rebuild from the sketch i.e. section the model and rebuild curves, make them tangent and coplanar and then come at it again with cleaner lines, fewer control points etc.

Good luck!

Yes it is merged into a polysurface, but I am trying to achieve one surface. Which is why I will have to use a network srf with the correct curves. Thank you for your insight. I appreciate it once more.