Sweep1 unable to order profiles error says yet its ultra simple

this simple task will not sweep, it says unable to order.
I check with dir command and all are ok,
unlike where I found a profile that had to swing through 90 degs at its base and needed sweep1 rail whilst the rest needed sweep2rail, and which I realised the fault, this time that cause cannot be here.
There is no need for a separate sweep and joining the results together.
The shape I am making is the end of a split pin (cotterpin)

why then by selecting the dark purple as rail then the pinks as profiles in the order of the dir of the rail does this fail and say unable to order ?
sweep1 order fail.3dm (28.6 KB)


Hello - The start and end shapes are at the same location, I guess is the problem - just do it in two bits:


Hi Pascal,
I didnt think if profiles were same location but opposite each other that would be the issue, its getting a bit picky as a command, needs a slap on the wrist !
Maybe something to look at in coding to avoid it happening.