Sweep 1 Error

When I try and sweep my shape it says that it is “Unable to order shapes on rails.” I am not sure what to do, the rail is placed at the midpoint of both shapes.

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It is difficult to guess the cause without a .3dm file with the geometry. You can upload a file by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post, or by dragging the file to where you type a post.

@tuo77431 You posted the same image, not a .3dm file with the geometry.

Sorry, I thought it was the file
sweep1_error.3dm (30.1 KB)

Each of your profiles consists 3 separate curves that are grouped together. In order for the “Sweep 1 rail” tool to work properly, each profile must be a single curve or a few curves joined together as a single curve. Also, all profiles must be either closed or open, meaning that they can’t be combined together.

I recommend you to use two rails and the “Sweep 2 rails” tool instead. That will give you a better control over the desired shape, especially if you turn on the History recording.

sweep1_error.3dm (32.1 KB)

As Bobi said section curves are three separate curves which are grouped together. You should have used Join instead of Group. Join creates a polycurve from individual curves. Group results in all members of the group are selected when any member of the group is selected, with each member of the group then treated as a separate object.
Join Rhinoceros Help
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Okay, I will try that
Thank you!

Thank you, I got it to work :slight_smile: