Error sort curve Sweep one rail?

I hope someone helps me I can not order these curves; Sweep does not have the option
I’m having trouble sweeping.

Sot-curve.3dm (2.9 MB)

did my recent pumpkin inspire you? or what is it for looks pretty similar :slight_smile:
anyway call up the command sweep, then select the curves not before, use freeform and it will work.

Yeah, I do similar things and I’ve always had the same problem
the error ↓

did you select the curves after you started the command?

The second profile curve have errors , delete that one and copy first profile and place it on second place and scale it.

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well i can remember when i started that shape on the pumpkin you so kindly used for your experiment, i had an issue there with the original curves either and simply redid that part. i thought it had to do with the profile curve i had oriented differently. but whats actually causing it is that the profile curves are too big and get too close to the calculated shape, you will see if you shrink those profile curves just a bit it will work, no deleting necessary.

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Thank you

@pascal can you maybe have a look? i believe that is some kind of bug that the sequence of the profiles changes and its actually not fully clear why. i thought it has to do with that the profile curves gets close to the other part of the rail but thats just an assumption.

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