Sweep1 problem

Why sweep1 regular component don’t work and from python don’t give a nice result;
in Rhino only one section curve is enough

Are the stations aligned with the start and end of the curve? R6 or R7?

You know the drill - no file, no help.

It’s a very simple examlpe, no need for file, i think developers know about this problem
And in Rhino as you can see in the image don’t need more than one section curve

I’ve heard that before, it’s nonsense. And yes, there are many threads on the forum about this issue.

Nonsense. My first thought at seeing your post is, ok I see a pic with a python script component, so I really have no way of being sure of the origin of the problem without being able to examine the file, so I’m out. Then your reply of no need for the file after a request for it, is being difficult instead of being accommodating to potential helpers.

Because there is no solution for it , it’s more like a request to developers to update this tool
here you find c#,vb,python scritps which don’t work

and forget about python script component

see the regular sweep1 component

We have no way to verify that there isn’t user error, for example in the curve containers.

Ok you win in your mind, fair enough, I won’t waste my time on your posts then as you already know better than those you are asking help from.

How hard would it be to just post the file instead of arguing about it? Thank you for being difficult.

Creating this thread has wasted my time. Everyone who looks at it will waste their time too. On ignore.

Ironically I think I see the problem now but good luck getting it out of me after all of that lol.

Really? please stop attcking people in the forum , i see you do that all the time
if you can’t create a simple in 10 second how you want solve the problem?

another nosense post please stop wasting my time
and not always you need a file, good luck with your problems

You missed it, Joseph already muted this thread, as I am about to after I hit send here. Good luck with your problems as well, I imagine we both have plenty, like anyone.

I didn’t mute the thread, I ignored the person. Forever.

This is a well known situation.
Sweep function on rhino sort of “pamper” the user.
With closed curve rails, on grasshopper you need to have your section near the start/end of the rail or you have to adjust the rail seam point to where the section is.

Rhino output is a polysurface with 44 surfaces, Grasshopper output have 20…

Anyway, i agree with Joseph: if you attached a simple file, the solution would had come sooner and this tread would have kept cleaner.
And you were mentioning a python script, that’s completely impossible to evaluate without the script itself…