Problem with Sweep One Rail in Grasshopper

As i have to Sweep one rail 40 different curves, but, with the same radius of the section, i would like first, try to do in grasshopper, the basic thing that is only Sweep on rail, with only a section.
I put here my screenshot, as you can see, in rhino, it is ok.
But, i don’t know why, in Grasshopper, it is impossible, with the red colour.
I give you here the grasshopper file, with curves internalised data.
I read that sometimes, there is a bug with this fonction in Grasshopper, can you please tell me what i have to do?
Thanks so much :slight_smile: (8.0 KB)

This is the screenshot, in Rhino this is ok, but impossible in Grasshopper :slight_smile: (7.6 KB)

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Hi! Thanks so much! You resolve my problem! I don’t know exactly what is “Seam” Function, i imagine that in this case, this is for the direction of the curve that is the rail of the Sweep 1 Fonction! :smile: :smile: