Sweep1 fails with no error

I don’t get it. I have several very similar sweeps already in my file. Why would this particular one fail?


rail-fail.3dm (139.6 KB)

No good reason that I can see so far - the problem appears to be the rail. Peter is correct, at least in that it does work at a larger tolerance, but it should work anyway. It also works at the current tolerance if the rail is rebuilt or refit (ahead of time not in the sweep). I’ll get it on the pile.
RH-65798 Sweep1: fails silently


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I think this is related to the very, very tight tolerances in the document.

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0.00001 mm? lol

can you explain how you created that rail curve step by step in more detail? even pipe fails on this curve. you must have an extraordinary method of creating garbage geometry. just saying that because you seem so proud to encounter such instances. the curve looks all clean but when you offset it then you start seeing strange edges, so really very curious how this was created. rebuilding it helps of course, you lose the simple geometry then though.

Damn… I didn’t think to check that! It’s a STEP import that originates from Solidworks.


I think it happened because I chose “open” instead of import this time…

Uh… I don’t really know what you’re on about, but it’s made with this tool, and I even deleted one or two control points and then did a tangent match at both ends…