Sweep1 fail

Without refitting the (red) rail, _Sweep1 does not produce a result in V6, V7, or the WIP, but does in V5.


Sweep1_me.3dm (25.1 KB)

7.18.22124.3001, 2022-05-04
8.0.22152.4305, 2022-06-01

Works for me in:
V6 (6.35.21222.17001, 8/10/2021)
V7 (7.19.22150.13001, 2022-05-30)

Does not work for me in:
WIP (8.0.22152.4305, 2022-06-01)

Hi Steve - I see that, thanks. MakeUniform on the rail allows it to work, though the rail is altered.


Reparametrize on the rail seems to fix it… No distortion on the rail in this case. So maybe there is a problem with the initial parametrization of the rail curve. Only the math geeks would know for sure…

Yep, good catch, thanks.


I just noticed that although _What states that the rail is a NURBS curve, _List reveals that at the top level, it is a 1-segment PolyCurve. _ToNURBS makes it a NurbsCurve at the top level, then _Sweep1 works.

OK, thanks. I’ll add notes to the bug item and let the dev sort it all out.