Sweep with non-smooth intersections

Noob to Rhino here. I need guidance on using the Sweep2 command. (Unless I should be using another tool?)
The image attached illustrates my conundrum. How do you sweep and keep the connection to the successive shapes non-smoothed or sharp edges?

without the file. the answers could be several

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That would help…
observation deck.3dm (72.2 KB)

… you might want to try to build separate surfaces.
sharp = kink / G0 / position-continuety
in most cases an edge of a polysurface:
the easiest way will be to build 3 surfaces, build them in sections.

and if you want more control, you must build at least the outer red curve.
you can use _arc and _helix to do so.
hope that helps.

Thanks Tom. I will give that a whirl.