Sweep Rail

hello, rhino’s masters :slight_smile: I need to know how to make this elevated bridge in rhino 3d?

The roads are relatively simple to make. Reverse image search told me this is the Azadi Chowk Interchange. I went to google maps and got a satellite image of the interchange, including Google’s nice little distance indicator.

You should load this image into the Rhino top view using _BackgroundBitmap and scale it to the size indicated at the bottom.

To do that just make a line which is a 100m long (or whatever unit you prefer), then use _Orient on the bitmap to move the scaling line to the line you made in Rhino. Make sure Copy=no and Scale=2D.

Once you’ve got that out of the way trace the road using _Curve. This will function as your rail. After that just create a cross section curve which has the width of the road and use _Sweep1 to create the road itself. You could also do this using _Sweep2. After that you can go into a side view (Front or Left viewport) to add height to the road. From this you can add thickness to the road and add things like barriers or the supports. Good luck!

PS I’m sorry it’s all text, I don’t have my rhino with me at the moment. Please let me know if anything is unclear.
PPS of course there are many other ways to do this, this just sprang to mind.

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Thank you so much brother :slight_smile: for your valuable time :slight_smile: I’ve created the DWG AutoCAD file form Google Image and imported into the Rhino but i can’t make it. :frowning: i don’t know why.

and the second problem is that The center rectangular structure has different hight then roads. and these are actually not roads those are the upside and downside ramps which have different heights i don’t know how to make this.

Is your question that you want to create the variable height up- and downramps, but you don’t know how to add height to the ramps?

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This is the solution which fixed the problem;

Crv2ViewExample.3dm (1.0 MB)

OK the function you should look into is _Crv2View. It allows you to take two simple curves and construct a complex 3D curves out of both. In the file above you’ll find two red curves and one green curve. If you run the _Crv2View function. you can select the red curves as 1st and 2nd curves and it will construct the green curve for you.

The flat red curve is a trace of the map (see the top view).
The second curve is just a _BlendCrv between the end of the flat curve and the main section of the bridge.

Does this help you?

PS sorry the units in the file are in millimeters, I was too lazy to change it. If you want to work in meters just go to:

Options > Units and change it to meters there.

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OT - why do I get such a strong emotional response to this type of freeway built so close to residential buildings. Does this new road improve the lives of those around. Would adding green spaces between the roads and housing or using the elevated sections to create pedestrian areas underneath help. Do architects ever walk away from projects that on first glance seem to blight the landscape or am I being naive ?

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