Making roads and highway ramps in Rhino (Curved surface...)

Hi all !

I’m in desperate need of a way to modelise Curved Surfaces from Splines i created in Autocad…

I tried to create a surface and then _CreateUVcrv to draw to slope of the ramp but the thing is that it makes a poly-surface because its not a simple curve… therefor i can’t use the command _CreateUVcrv.

Any of you know the easiest and fastest way to do this? I need to modelise this … ( :confused: )

Thanks in advance !



Perhaps variations on this process:

Using the freehand Control Point Curve tool to draw a road that crosses over itself.

Turn Points On to lift points on the “overpass” upwards as denoted by the green line

In the Top View, use Curve > Offset with the bothsides option to make the parallel edges of the road


Remove the middle curve. Use the Polyline tool to connect end-to-end of the curves.

Surface > Sweep 2 Rails will ask for the 1st two curves followed by selecting the last cross-section curve. Voila, highway off-ramp.

Side guard rails may be a matter of just copying the edge curves upwards and again using the parallel curves to sweep a surface.

Check a youtube video called Rhinoceros 3d curved ramp. It may give you some ideas.----Mark