Sweep Order

In the attached, I have a sweep path and several cross sections. Because the cross sections are tiny compared to the length of the sweep path, I tried grouping them to insure that I always grab them all.

WHen I do the sweep1 using the group Rhino the cross sections in a bizarre order that does not follow the sweep path. Why does rhino choose this ordering and is there any way to change that?

Problem Sweep.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi @Miano,

Grouping is probably not the best idea here, if it doesn’t remember your selection order. Instead, you could for instance put the cross section curves on a layer and the rail on another.

That said, I think for this simple example selecting by hand is probably the best workflow.
Do you for instance know that when you drag a selection region from top left to bottom right of your viewport, only geometries that are completely enclosed in that region get selected?

Also you can use SHIFT, during this procedure to select multiple items.

:bulb:Pro tip! When you have general questions about workflows or geometry, anything that is not related to OS specific settings, post your questions in the Rhino for Wind’ohs category, if you want to get reliable answers fast. :wink: