Bug in executing sweep2 command rhino6sr14

Does not close

bug.3dm (132.6 KB)


Hello Mehran,

I redid your cross section curve to make certain it was perpendicular to the corner of the heptagon and circle edge. The ran the sweep two rails and it seemed to work.

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bug-1.3dm (107.8 KB)

Yes, it is true, but this answers that the desired section is in a straight line but if it is complicated it will not answer.

I don’t think this is a bug. the command works fine. choosing a vertex or corner is not the right move either. if you pick the mid point of one of the segments it should be easier to place it in most cases.

No, Diego is a bug, but you’re having trouble if you test
Please watch this video
This does not exist when the desired level is from the midpoint
Of course, the @pascal bug has reported but unfortunately has not been resolved

I tested it.

I don’t believe that’s a desired result - look at the surface isocurves.

@mehran09197306634me I think this is buggy personally too. Even with AddSlash trying to guide the sweep correctly, I can’t get it to work. Trying to align the seam points beforehand doesn’t help either.

There are several workarounds to get this to be correct, but I think the main point is this should work.

@pascal, @lowell there is a bug report on something similar to this from 2014:
But it has been closed.

I have therefore created a new one referencing this thread…

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Hi Mitch,
Thanks for that YT!
FWIW, RH-29075 was closed because it was a duplicate of an issue that was originally created in 2008 in an older tracking system and moved to YT in 2013.

The RH-3598 issue is visible to developers only. I can’t get to the file that is attached to that (invisible to you) issue and so I’m putting a link to your report in that one.

Why not fix this bug please handle thanks


Why don’t you fix this bug??