Simple Sweep Criteria

Hi. I would like to understand why two same structures in rhino offer different options to build the sweep2.

This are my curves (all exactly the same as the other side):

Only the left one offers me simple sweep:

I think, instead the cuve, you took the surface edge as rail.

Or your Rails curves haven’t same count points.

simple_sweep.3dm (2.7 MB)

Please if you can check the file. It is not the control points amount, since both are the same. Nor the ‘edge’ cause I am using only curves.

Thanks a lot

Hi Bruno - the section curves’ end points must be exactly on the rail curve endpoints - yours are a off a little.

The section curves must start and end only on edit point locations of the rail curves, and the rail curves must match .

Incidentally, the arc shaped curves in your file have an extra control point very near one end, which is probably not good if you are shooting for simple surfaces.


oh! Thats great you saw it. The funny thing is that I am using always the same curve (copy pasted). So it is strange that some of them work. I will check it. Thanks so much.

Is it possible that worked with the command surface from curves?