Sweep 1 Problem

Good afternoon all,

Couple questions for Sweep 1 …

So in this model I have 3 groups of curves, each set contains 25 circles.
I use them as section curves and sweep them by using one base rail, but the outcome only gives me 15 in total.
Even with one single set of curves I still can’t get a complete 25 sweeps.

Is there’s any ways I can generate individual rails as curves for all of the sweep in this case?

Thanks you all in advance.

SWEEP 1 PROBLEM.3dm (142.8 KB)

Just a quick update…

After searching some previous post, seems that the problem is because of the closed curve rail. Don’t know if I’m right on this one.

For finding the rail for each sweep, I tried Iso Crv and Deconstruct Brep.
The 1st method allows me to extract the U curves opposite to the “seam” where the surface enclosed at U direction.
The 2nd one gives me the seams at both U can V direction.

Anyways, though I still hope those extracted rails can happen at the center of the profile, its good enough for my current propose… I think…and I’ll keep trying …

the geometry itself is causing some problem. Because you are using singular rail, it is adjusted for each set of cross sections. I used the top left circles as sections and the sweep has a kink. The rail is probably inset and has a kink. I’d tried to make sure there is a working rail for each set of section circles.

Thanks Will,

So I decide to go back to circle instead of random closed spline for a sec.
Originally I was trying to Sweep > Iso Curve> Divide, but lately I thought about there’s going to be a lot more amount of the section profiles in this model and going to slow down the process for sure.
By saying this, an other way around : Sweep with pre-divided curves. But still, no luck.

As the image showing below, the out come of region 1 & 2 are good, in 3 those sweeps are overlapping the adjacent gaps

I also tried Partition, still the same…

SWEEP 1 - EXTRA SWEEP.gh (14.6 KB)
SWEEP 1 - EXTRA SWEEP.3dm (3.4 MB)

Ok. I changed the partition size to 2 because if I understand correctly each 1/3 circle rail should have two ends as sweep cross sections. You need to match the data structure.
The rail right now has {0;0} {0;1} {0;2}, three branches. But the cross sections has much more: {0;0} {0;1} {0;2} {1;0} {1;1} {1;2} {2;0} {2;1} {2;2} {3;0} {…} …

You may wanna try to duplicate the rails so that {0;0} is copied to {1;0} {2;0}… and {0;1} is copied to {1;1} {2;1}… and the same for {0;2}.

You can also try to simplify the partitioned structure. Eventually make trees match

SWEEP 1.gh (16.8 KB)

also if sweep sections are circles, try pipe

Thanks Will, great help and I learn a lot!

I thought about pipe too, but the sections circles are all having different radius on the rail.

Hi Will,

So I end up going back to the original method (sweep > Boolean for in/out results) to minimize the amount of definitions. For some reasons, my latest version keep failing and behave strange in two ways; the result either
(1) goes though all 6 sets sections but result wrong amount of the breps, or
(2) achieves correct amount of breps but doesn’t capture all the section curves.


SWEEP 1 - fail.3dm (226.3 KB)

SWEEP 1 - fail.gh (532.0 KB)