Sweep 1 adds lines and does not cap

It’s been a while. Just started using Rhino again. I was working on a base mold. Extrude along curve gave me really odd results. Using Sweep 1 worked but added lines at the corner and did not cap the piece. Any suggestions on how to rectify this?

Hello - Sweeps to not add caps - the Cap command will work if the end edges are closed, and planar.
I’m not sure what needs to be rectified about the ‘lines’ - can you describe what is wrong?


There are two things. First, if you look at the left of the outside miter joint, you can see that it did not form or render correctly all the way. Second, I was hoping to get a corner like I do in Sketchup where the lines do not display.

Hello - the first thing is a render mesh problem - I suggest monkeying with the render mesh settings as outlined here:


The lines are surface edges - you can modify your display mode (Display panel) to taste for edges and isocurve display.