SVG Export of Circles is Distorted

In connection with the need to create clean SVG milling files for the Shaper Origin, I encountered another problem.

I thought I found a solution by exporting the geometries from Rhino as a PDF.
Unfortunately, circles are so distorted with this procedure that they are unusable as geometry for milling.
They are shown in quadrants whose nodes no longer merge tangentially.
Incidentally, this error also occurs with the standard export to the SVG format.

I have attached an example file.
circletest.pdf (3.0 KB)

Hi Peter -

This was recently fixed in Rhino 8 for PDF (RH-44145) and SVG (RH-59391).

Many thanks for the quick response!

I currently only have a Rhino 7 license.
But I found a way here too.

I made the mistake of already configuring the area fills for the various milling operations in Rhino. This leads to double non-congruent lines (AI format) in the export.
If I only export the pure contour geometry from Rhino, the data is clean.
It is recommended to use the AI ​​format for export, as the closed curves are retained (in contrast to the DXF format).

The data can then be imported into a graphics program such as Corel or Inkscape, provided with fillings and then output as SVG files for milling.

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Hi Peter -

Note that Rhino 8 is “Work-In-Progress” at this point and not a finished product.
If you have a license of the latest version (Rhino 7 at the moment), you can always run the next version with the same license, getting early access to new features and bug fixes.