Surfaces are wonky

I created this surface with sweep 2 rail. Once I cap or create a surface for the ends and join into a solid. The surface around the join gets wonky.
I am trying to boolean out the arrows. So I would like to keep things clean as possible.
Surface Issues.3dm (151.7 KB)

Hi Hoodzy - it looks like, somehow, ‘crease splitting’ has been turned off. Run DivideAlongCreases to fix what you’ve got, but also run CreaseSplitting and make sure that is set to Split Along Creases checked. Any luck?


Works great!
What do you mean crease splitting has been turned off?

Hi Hoodzy - if you run the CreaseSplitting command, does it shoe ‘Split along creases’ checked? The surfaces you had in your file are what you’d get if this was not checked.