Rugged look in shaded view after boolean union

I’m looking for an advice on how to fix this problem.
I suppose is geometry related, since it does not happen with other projects.
The base surface is a Sweep 2 rails.

Thank you all in advance for your tips.

Hi Michelle- please try the command DivideAlongCreases- does that clean things up?


Yes, great! it solved the problem.
Yesterday I was looking for a solution on internet and I tried CreaseSplitting without success…
I don’t really get the difference between the 2 commands in the Rhino help, but I’m reading it in Italian, my mother language. I’ll try to read the English version
Thank you very much for your lightspeed answer.

Hi Michelle- I can see how you might be confused about the two-

CreaseSplitting controls whether new surfaces with creases are split into polysurfaces at the creases,or not. Default = Split, it is uncommom to want to keep kinked surfaces as single surfaces. It can happen that this will get set to No by a plug-in, and cause all kinds of confusion for users- T-Splines was a prime suspect for this in the past.

DivideAlongCreases acts on creased surfaces to split them into polysurfaces at the kinks.


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