Surfaces and Control Points, general question

So lets say I’m trying to make a surface similar to this:

My instinct is to create a planar surface and use control points to deform it. However that doesn’t work because the only control points are on the corners, and the Insert Control Point command also only adds control points around the perimeter. Am I approaching this the wrong way? I’m not literally trying to make this shape, but I am doing similar surfaces where I want to be able to push and pull on points on the interior of the surface

Thanks for any advice!

Try rebuilding the Planar srf

Type Rebuild. Change U and V to 3

Then you should get in the right direction :slight_smile:


Or maybe 5 :slight_smile: play around with the points: see example below

In the Plane command you have the Deformable option (click on it on the command line).
Or use the Rebuild command on your planar surface and start with degree 3 and as many points you want.
Or you can draw curves and use one of the many surface creation commands like Loft, Sweep1, Sweep2, etc.

Hi Terra- that will work, almost, but a plane is degree 1 and has only two points in either direction- use ChangeDegree to make ‘squishy’ by setting degree 3 in each direction. You’ll see more points than on the plane and you can move the corners down as in your image.