Surface Wont Trim

Hi, I’m not sure why the flat surface cutting through the all irregularly shaped surface wont trim to the bounds of that shape? I created that irregular surface from 1 closed loop crv extruded into the surface.
no trim 2

Hi, please post the file with those two surfaces…

Also, you can run Intersect between them and see if the result is a valid closed curve. If not, the open/bad spots will be the areas to look at.

Hi @annecoetzee1997
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Without seeing the actual file (which can be uploaded by either drag’n’dropping it directly into the field you are writing your post in or by clicking the little “box with up arrow” at the top of the same field), my guess is that maybe your original crv has either an opening or a self-intersection. The easiest way to find out, is to run Intersection betweeen the plane and the surface and inspect the resulting curve. It should be a single closed curve, and if it isn’t there’s something wrong. Post the file (just the relevant parts) and I’m sure someone will help you out :slight_smile:
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have you checked for naked edges in the trimming (poly)surface?