Radius of surface curvature

Hi all,

Within Rhino, there’s the Curvature Analysis command where one could visualize curvature based on min/max radius of a surface. I am trying to do something similar in GH, but am not entirely sure if what I’m doing makes sense. Basically, I would like to extract the radius at any given point on a surface such that I may know if at any position the radius may exceed fabrication constraints. With curves, we can do this by obtaining the inverse of the vector length of the curvature, but is a similar approach valid for surfaces?

Please find attached screenshots and the gh file that hopefully clarify my question. In this case, at the top left corner of the surface, the radius of that given edge curve is 0.912’, but what about that same point on the surface?

Thanks for any pointers! srfCurvatureR.gh (15.0 KB)

ah, i realized there’s the osculating circle component; however, the radius returned by the component doesn’t seem to match the results with the Curvature Analysis command in Rhino.