Surface with different edge color


there is a surface attached, with different edge color only at two sides of it.
surface is untrimmed, i tried TestRemoveAllNakedMicroloops, if its rebuilded to 2x2 points edge colors becomes normal. this is not effecting the modelling process just want to inform the display dept. guys here, in my display mode i have is just changed the background color to “2 colors gradient”.


srf_w_edge_issue.3dm (35.7 KB)

I’m not seeing that here in a display mode with gradient background.
From the thumbnail saved with your file I would say this is more related to a combination of your display mode, your GPU, and AA settings. Best to post some system information.

interesting thing is, when i open the file,which i posted here, i am not seeing the white lines either.
back to original file and the white lines are there, so i copied the original to a new rhino instance and lines are not there.

i guess this is not a matter of GPU or AA setting thing ( which would give me the same result for the same surface in different rhino instances) must be result of a different matter.

anyway my configuration is;
i7 4790K
16 GB DDR3 1600MHz
nVidia GTX 780 3GB

and my custom shaded file;
blastered_Shaded.ini (12.3 KB)