Surface "Webbing" when exporting to .STL

Hi guys,

Apologies if this is an issue that’s been covered somewhere else on these forums, I’m an architect by trade not a 3D modeler so I’m not always that clued up on 3D terminology.

I’ve been working on a 3D model of a cup holder for my Land Rover Defender. Basically I’m trying to incorporate a space for the stock Hazards button as I’ve upgraded the dash fascia and now need to relocate the button.

Anyway I’ve modeled the cup holder in Rhino 5, everything looks great in the Perspective View etc but as soon as I export to .STL format a few of the surfaces either create a webbing effect (As seen in the top red ring) or the corners fold in. (As seen in the lower ring)
I’ve tried a few methods to fix this but all have been unsuccessful.

Any advice would be great.
Thanks in advance!!

Hard to tell exactly, but it looks like it may just be your STL export settings that are too coarse and it is cutting off your fillets… Otherwise it may be some bad trims that are causing the mesher to perform badly.

For an object of this size, you could try some custom STL export settings - this is what I’d recommend as a starting point (punch the “Detailed controls” button to access the panel)


If playing around with those settings doesn’t produce a better result, maybe post the Rhino file here so someone can take a look…

HTH, --Mitch