Surface view acts weird

I made sphere and cut it a little bit. Then used cap and exploded it.And then joined… Exploding does not change it back… Can’t get it to look normal anymore. Render view looks same…
I tried to change render mesh quality, but did not help.

shaded view problem.3dm (483.4 KB)

Using R6.


I think this is the problem. if yoy split the shpere with those circles in another angle. it works ok.

Yes I got it work :slight_smile: Thanks Diego!

I love Rhino because there is usually allways option to make things using 2-3 different methods. If one does not work, you can try an other method. Very often it is not possible in parametric softwares :slight_smile:
This started from 2d drawing and that is why sphere “edge” is on that position.

But anyway, I think it should not work like that…


Hi Wagner - when I untrim the sphere and then trim with the one curve that is on the seam of the sphere, I am warned that a bad object is created. I’ve reported this as RH-59150 so that a developer can have a look to see if that can be avoided. Having good geometry coming out of commands is the first step to having display meshes that are behaving correctly.
Thanks for reporting,

Hi Wim!
Thanks for answering!
I split the sphere with extruded square (all 4 splits at the same time). It said nothing about bad objects :frowning:

Hi Wagner -

Please run


(with the dash) and make sure that Check=Yes.
It’s possible that it already is set to yes…

Your original square is not in that file and when I untrimmed the caps and recreated a square from those, then extruded, then split the sphere, I didn’t get the misbehaving display mesh here.
If you are able to reproduce that from input curves and clear steps, please let us know.

Please check file :slight_smile:

shaded view problem RHINO 6.3dm (1.0 MB)


I see that you don’t get a warning in Rhino 6. This appears to have been fixed in Rhino 7 and, there, the resulting object is considered to be a bad object.

Ok, nice to hear, fixed on next Rhino :slight_smile: Great job!