Surface to Tri Mesh

hello guys I´m trying to apply thisone on muy surface I regulary work with surfaces but in this case a I need atriangular mesh if I apply triangulate command I got some weird results, is possible get a regular triangular mesh in this shape?
I´ll appreaciate the help

tri - (14.8 KB)

Use lunchbox instead…

tri - (13.9 KB)

If you are running R6, then you could also try to use SimpleRemeshin K2.

thank you super kim, actually I tried with Ngon I tested the mesh result with Wb Catmull Clark and got this error:1. WbProcessingException: Two consecutive edges, 2 and 0, have the same value,0, in face 0. This topology is invalid. Try using Weaverbird’s Clean Up Mesh first. - Weaverbird was unable to produce a valid result because of this.

I have no idea why :sweat_smile:

ngon hex wb (10.2 KB)

Well is possible extract the hexagons in the mesh ?

You may think the output is a tri-mesh but it’s not. it is a ngon mesh.
You can check how many vertices one triangle mesh has…

Use Weaverbird’s Dual graph.

thanks man !

Another simple way is to use Mesh+.

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yeey One more plugin to the brain, thanks again!